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galerie | bernadette laimbauer – permesso or please don’t lie with a towel

(14.06.2023) performance in der bergheimat (c) merel noorlander Goodbye to guidebooks which sell self-optimazition and efficiency as a quality of life and say hello to holidays! We’re walking like in the Dolce Vita! or take a seat on a beach towel, do nothing and enjoy the boredom. For those who find lounging around to difficult there are purposeless activities on offer. We’re gonna have a celebration! On Italian beaches Bernadette Laimbauer spent time observing what makes a good holiday. In Permesso or Please don’t lie with a towel she shares her experiences there. Between her holidays in the mountains or at the sea, she most recently worked in the field of performance art for Die Fabrikanten, Kongress der Wissenden and Performance Brunch addressing heritage and employment.