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air project | zhengke sun - mother fox stone

"The film "Mutterfuchsstein" was produced as part of the residency program medienfrische 2023. The starting point was the lascivious memories and experiences of the inhabitants of the Bschlabertal valley with foxes. According to legend, four thousand years ago in China, the wife of the ruler Yu (禹) came from a large family whose ancient beliefs were rooted in the power of the fox. One day, however, the ruler Yu turned into a bear. His wife, however, turned into a stone to protect her son. Two thousand years ago, a widespread belief developed in China in the fox with nine tails as the companion of the patron god, which stood for fertility. This symbolism - embodied as a mountain fire - was staged at the end of the film and linked to a traditional ritual in Tyrol." (Zhengke Sun & Li Jiayi)