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air project | mohar kalra - lighthouse

"High above the mountains of Bschlabs and Boden, two weather vanes are installed that rotate in the wind, each equipped with a signal mirror. The construction is moved by the wind and when the mirror is at the right angle to the sun, the sunlight is reflected towards the villages. Before the advent of telephones and telegraphs, signal mirrors, which can reflect sunlight up to 30 km away, were a form of optical signaling that enabled communication across vast landscapes such as the Alps. Seen from below, the reflected light of the artwork is perceptible as brief flashes from the mountain peaks - as a kind of Morse code communication of the land itself, shaped by the eddies and whims of the wind. It beckons to the viewer across kilometers, constantly swaying in the wind - jumping from person to person and rewarding those who take the time to engage with this local communication." (Mohar Kalra)