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air project | felix knoche, tim knoche & lan sticker - nightmare

"By night we follow very closely tiny creatures of the wood like snails, bugs, spiders, mice - getting attracted by strange dancing lights in the distance. What is this? Deep eery melodies lure us to get closer. We crawl along muddy soil, wet grass and moss, water. We passing by strange alien-like miniature creatures and artifacts made out of plastic, machine parts. Is this real or not? We pass by human bodyparts, half-buried, slowly moving. Are these the nightmares of the creatures of the night? We are slowly getting closer to some kind of strange miniture altar, consisting of colorful dancing lights and tiny art pieces made out of wood, plastic, glitter, machine and dancing bodyparts. The creatures of the wood get in interaction with these weird artifacts and celebrate the union of their existence." (Felix Knoche)