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air project | angelika wischermann - swan journey

"For two weeks, I sit in the small, remote village of Boden and carve swans. On the last day of my stay, the swans are placed in the nearby Streimbach stream for the start of their long and adventurous journey. From there they can swim together down into the Lech, which eventually flows into the Forggensee near Schwangau. They pass rapids, waterfalls and embankments - many will not make it. Drowned, broken or washed up, they remain lying on the banks like relics. The lucky arrivals, on the other hand, are greeted by a fairytale view of Neuschwanstein Castle, enthroned on the wooded hill above Schwangau. They can linger here or swim straight on across the Danube into the Black Sea." Angelika Wischermann (2023)